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Take the
Bee Friendly Pledge

By signing this pledge, I hereby declare that I will employ bee friendly practices in my daily and long-term activities. 


I will achieve this through: 

  • Encouraging the planting of pollen and nectar providers: 

    • Nectar: maples, wild cherries, linden, black locust, dandelion flowers,

    • Pollen: chrysanthemums, dahlias, dandelions, marigolds,

  • Allowing for the growth of dandelion flowers in early spring, 

  • Calling a beekeeper, as opposed to an exterminator, to relocate (not eliminate) beehives or swarms,

  • Supporting local beekeepers, 

  • Advocating for honey bees,

  • Creating a water source for honey bees to rehydrate while foraging,

  • Avoiding the use of harmful pesticides, 

  • Letting honey bees you may encounter “bee”,

  • Understanding honey bees are not inherently hostile, and want to go along their merrily bee way,

  • Promoting plant diversity in your neighborhood,

  • Respecting honey bees’ personal space, and their homes.

The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.

Elizabeth Lawrence

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