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Beekeepers Associations

Beekeeping changes and depends heavily on where the colonies are located geographically. Beekeeping would not be the same as it is in New Jersey than it is in California. There are different weather patterns, nectar and pollen sources, and different pests. The best way to improve your own beekeeping is to interact with local beekeepers and to learn from each other. This is why joining your local beekeeper association chapter is very essential to have a well rounded knowledge of beekeeping in your area. It is also a great place to make new apiarist friends!

Click here to find a directory that will help you to find your local beekeeping society.

See below for Beekeepers publications with articles featuring Madeline Tubbs.

Beekeeper (noun):

A person that understands that no bee wants to sting you but wears long sleeves and pants as they are not an idiot.


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