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Preschool Bug Week

I had the wonderful privilege of teaching to a group of preschool students in June of 2022 as a part of their annual "bug week". In this lesson, we discussed that honey bees pollinate plants that allow us to eat yummy fruits and vegetables; How we can help the bees live happily? Through bee-ing kind!


To wrap-up this wonderful discussion, every pre-schooler decorated a bee! When this activity was completed, all of the bees were individually placed with the honey bee hive (pictured below) as confirmation of "signing" the bee friendly pledge. 

I created a lesson plan for this lesson that can be utilized for any preschool classroom. The preschool teachers are excited to continue to use this lesson plan with future classes.


Here is the link to the Preschool Lesson Plan!

Kind words are like honey

Sweet to the soul

Proverbs 16:24

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