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Scouts Events


I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to spread awareness about the honeybee. In these presentations, we discussed why we want to be bee friendly, what is pollination?, why honey bees specifically are important, to duties of the queen bee, the structure of a beehive, honey bee products, and several other snippets of information! At the end of the presentations, I gave the scouts the opportunity to sample different kinds of honey, if they wanted to. We had linden, blueberry blossom, and black locust honeys to choose from. The overwhelming vote was in favor of the linden tree honey, which is my personal favorite. After we sampled the honey, the scouts signed the bee friendly pledge, and there are now certified bee-friendly scouts that are ready to help our pollinators! 

Happiness is seeing a bee land on a flower you planted.


Our Mission
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